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About Collecting Medical Dissertations

This database is designed to give more information on a series of documents, the written disputations and dissertations that the medical professor Daniel Sennert presided over at the university of Wittenberg until his death in 1637.

Of special interest are not only the books, their content and context, but also the students who worked with Sennert to create the disputations and who acted as respondents in the disputation performance at university. The database collects information on their names, origins, places of study and their work after having accomplished the medical degree. The early modern network of medical information created by Sennert and his students is of value for today's studies in the history of science.

To give a full overview of existing copies (which might be annotated or otherwise altered), we have researched in many libraries in Europe and the USA--but of course there will be copies that we have not yet found: please send us suggestions at agoeing (at) fas.harvard.edu, we will be very glad to close any gaps that are still existing.


Daniel Sennert, ca. mid-17th ct, from Wittenberg Collection

Daniel Sennert (1572-1637), Etching 17th century, from Wittenberg, Bibliothek des evangelischen Predigerseminars in der Lutherstadt Wittenberg